Middlesex VFC
PO Box 132
130 Browns Hill Rd.
Valencia, PA 16059

Phone: 724-898-1480
Fax: 724-898-3032
Emergency: 911

Join Our Team

Our local fire company stands as a pillar of community safety, but its future hangs in the balance as the urgent call for volunteers echoes through the halls. With a dwindling roster and an increasing demand for emergency response, this dedicated group finds itself stretched thin. The once vibrant team now faces a desperate need for fresh recruits to ensure the swift and effective protection of their community. The fire company’s legacy is at stake, and the call to action is clear—volunteers are the lifeline that can reignite the flame of service and preserve the invaluable safety net they provide.

We need YOUR help. Download, complete, and return our application to join. We are filling all positions, including Firefighters, Social Members and Fire Police. Find out more below. Turn in a complete application any Thursday night at the fire station.

Join as a Firefighter

The Middlesex VFC offers the necessary gear, training and education to become a firefighter. After becoming a member, the Middlesex VFC will issue you gear and begin to enroll you in the appropriate courses. You will be enrolled in the Pennsylvania Essentials of Firefighting courses, totalling over 164 hours. All training is paid for by the Middlesex VFC, and this course takes approximately 4 months to complete. There is additional, free training available as well. After completing these courses, you are ready to serve as a firefighter to the Middlesex VFC.

Join as a Social Member

The Middlesex VFC is searching for Social Members to assist in our 100% non-profit organization. Social Members help with day-to-day operations of the fire company. This includes many skills similar to managing a buisness. Examples include fundraising, secretary work, financial management, and technology skills. This is a great way to serve your community without being a firefighter.

Join as a Fire Police

Fire Police assist in directing traffic and pedestrians during large scale incidents. Fire Police detour traffic, close roads, and protect the citizens and visitors of Middlesex Township from potential danger. Fire Police do not have to assist in fire suppression, but can if they choose. All training is provided by Middlesex VFC.